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Apple Donuts: Healthy Snacking for the Whole Family

Welcome to our blog! We are very pleased and excited to announce the launch of our second video with Laura Fuentes and Momables. Working with Laura continues to be an amazing experience and we appreciate her support in our efforts to spread the word about living a healthier lifestyle.

Tune in to the Momable’s YouTube page to learn how to make apple donuts, a fun and healthy option for kids and adults alike. Learn how you can protect apple slices from browning, so your snacks can stay fresh looking and crunchy. We say ditch those lemony flavored apple slices and learn the secret to protection with vitamins and minerals. No changes in the natural flavor of the produce and no browning for up to 14 days! NatureSeal is the secret to fresh ingredient protection.

Visit Laura’s blog for a chance to win a Chicago Cutlery knife set worth $100. Hurry the giveaway ends March 17, 2017. Also take advantage of the promo code B1G1LF50 for BOGO 50% off your order of NatureSeal.

Learn more about the types of fresh produce that NatureSeal protects… especially protection against browning in guacamole and avocados by visiting NatureSeal for Home Use. Plus, you can learn how to create the ultimate guacamole bar on Momable’s YouTube page too!

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