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Celebrating Healthy Choices during National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

June is special time for the foodservice industry because it’s time to celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month! Diversifying menu options and choosing healthy alternatives are fantastic goals for the occasion, and NatureSeal® has the solution to make it easier to achieve them!

NatureSeal extends the shelf life of fresh-cut produce 7 to 14 days while maintaining the natural color and texture of the sliced vegetables and fruits. This allows for a unique opportunity to increase your prep time by nearly two weeks, giving you ample to time to use your cut-produce whenever you need them. 

With advance preparation for the week, having instant healthy snack alternatives becomes even more possible.  Fresh ingredients are easy to work with when they are already cut and portioned!

Providing healthier choices isn’t the only positive action you can make during National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. You can take this opportunity to budget your shopping list according to how much fresh cut produce you can store. Reducing food waste is an essential factor to limiting expensive produce purchases all the while promoting sustainable practices. You’ll have a healthier menu, and you’ll save money serving premium produce goods!

NatureSeal can change the way you think about storing fresh-cut produce and how easily healthy dietary habits can be attained with convenient, ready-to-go fruits and veggies. With just one minute of your time, NatureSeal can provide healthy fruits and vegetables all week long!


What are some methods and practices you take to save money at the grocery store and eating healthier in your day-to-day life? Please comment below.