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Eat The Rainbow

Sometimes getting the kids to eat healthier is like pulling teeth. What better way to get them excited about eating their fruits and veggies than introducing them to the colors of nature?

Eat the Rainbow:

  • Red- strawberries, red bell peppers, watermelon, red apples, cherries, raspberries, tomatoes, cranberries, beets, red potatoes, rhubarb
  • Orange- peaches, oranges, pumpkin, carrots, apricots, mangoes, butternut squash
  • Yellow- lemons, bananas, squash, yellow bell pepper, pineapple
  • Green- pears, granny smith apples, green beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, avocado, cucumber, celery, kiwi, lettuce, spinach, peas
  • Blue- blueberries, plums, eggplant, grapes, cabbage, onion, blackberries, raisins

Here are some of our favorite ways to help promote healthy eating each week:


I Ate A Rainbow Printable Chart by Yummy Mummy Kitchen

I ate a rainbow today weekly chart

Kids pick a color to eat from the weekly color chart. Fill in all the spots with fun stickers or draw silly characters in each box. This is a great visual way to keep your kid’s attention!


Rainbow Fruit Cups by My Frugal Adventures

fruit cups assorted in rainbow order

Pick a fruit for each color of the rainbow starting with blue up to red. These snack packs are simple to assemble and make sharing even easier.


Rainbow Fruit Pizza by Well Plated

rainbow fruit pizza

Like a traditional pizza, but better! Who says you have to eat your fruits and veggies for breakfast, lunch or dinner? We’re thinking the greek yogurt paired with fresh fruit is great for dessert.


Unicorn Poop Veggie Dip by Totally the Bomb

unicorn poop veggie dip

We’ll just leave this veggie dip here.


Easy Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Ice Pops

fruit and veggie ice pops

Pick your favorite veggies and fruits and throw them into the juicer. These healthy snack popsicles are an easy way to sneak the healthy into your kid’s desserts.


Have any other tips and tricks to get the kids eating healthy? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using #NatureSeal! As always you can keep any fresh-cut produce (fruit and veggies galore) from browning by using NatureSeal- available on Amazon!


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  • Name: Scientist Nazmul Huda
    Date: October. 14, 2018

    Mr. Antonio Guterres Honorable Secretary General, UN 10 October 2018 UN should start working for its true spirit of World Peace and betterment of mankind : A window for UN and a humble suggestion to President Trump Thank you for at least a reply, though through your Public Inquiries Team, for a Top High Level Scientific Affair.The present invention is a small endeavour in solving the current Energy Crisis of this planet which is becoming alarmingly acute every day. Included also are a few long-sought (even with head-cracking efforts of the scientists) solutions to some mysteries of very basic physics, needing a new policy decision of the UN which calls for personal attention and effort coupled with a strong desire on the part of the Secretary General. The paper I had sent to you, although a very brief 2-page synopsis (against more than a 100-page patent paper) about the invention, included 13 very exceptional postulates besides the titled invention and formed an extra-ordinary prima facie scientific case for a primary evaluation right away. Had the invention been made by a western scientist, the Western Media would by this time have buzzed 24-hourly with each of these postulates and the inventor would have been awarded 14 Nobel prizes.But the racial portion of the Western World would rather try to conceal the success story of a developing country and even try to hijack the same through some Dr. Fox / Dr. Wolf, as they did in the past ( my world wide well circulated paper styled as “ 100-Dollar Laptop : UN Secretary General’s Office should not be used for exploiting the poor”, is referred to). As it is the Westen World is reluctant to give recognition unless the research is done under their supervision or at least they are associated with it, especially if it threatens their supremacy. Late Mr. Kofi Annan did not bother even to reply, while no action was seen from the next Secretary General Mr. Moon, and now it is your turn, to do justice to a long awaited well deserved matter.. I am writing this letter to you as a real well wisher of the UN, a single person of the peace loving ’ world community Class I’ (WC-CI). WC-CI is the majority class, that cares for ethics, truth, principles, honesty and values. Peace loving and law abiding WC-CI, remain fairly satisfied with what they get even with their hard work, have immense patience against all kinds of oppressions and disparity, but still do not want to give up their principles and values. They are often rebuked as ‘utopians’, ‘unsmart’, ‘not good managers’, ‘not fit for the present world’ etc. Most importanty, although by number, WC-CI is the majority, their voice is hardly heard in the UN and whatever is heard goes immeditely into the non-actionable, historical archives of the UN. The world community Class II (WC-CII), are less in number, speak fairly nicely in the UN, but do not have super muscle power and their voice is heard only during the period they speak, but their voice ultimately goes to non-actionable boxes of the UN through different mechanisms of the UN Charter.In contrast, world community Class III (WC-CIII), although a minority by number, having the affluence both in economy and muscle power, virtualy control the UN. Incidentally, they are the large monetary contributers to UN and as such they are practically the pay masters for the fat salaries of the officials and staff of UN. Bangladesh’s contribution in the ‘UN defined’ ‘peace missions’ is often lauded by UN. Where ever they are engaged they seem to become very popular, so much so that one country’s second language has officially become ‘Bangla’, the language of Bangladesh. Sometimes, the armed forces of Bangladesh has to suffer casualities including deaths. But I have not yet heard of any such deployment of soldiers of WC-CIII, leaving aside any casualty to them. The world has seen with concern bombing on a sovereign state by WC-CIII even without any nod from UN, on the plea of ‘weapons of mass destruction’, for days and months together. They failed to find any even after reducing the country close to debris, besides killing thousands of innocent people including women and children of that country and in the end just a “sorry” seemed to be sufficient. No peace mission is visible when children,women and innocent people are killed like birds in Palestine, or in Syria that the CNN often describes as ‘most human caused catastrophe’(perhaps after second world war), or when a school bus is bombed in Yemen where the situation is similar to Syria, as is heard through media, or when a popular government in Lybia or Egypt or in other places is overthrown, or when efforts are made to help unpopular cruel governments or when humanity is raped in Myanmar while Nobel laureate Su Kyi is in power. Ironically no effective step is seen to share the enormous burden of a not so wealthy but hospitalble nation like Bangladesh giving shelter to Rohyngas still fleeing to Bangladesh for refuge. No arrangements are also made to send them back to their own country with honour and proper rehabilitation. Now-a-days it is also seen that resolutions passed in UN, are openly defied , by some permanent members of the Security Council. Most of the WC-CIII are arms-selling nations, and they do not seem to mind conflicts and war going on in selected areas of the world. Since the oil-rich countries have mostly the power to buy huge amounts of arms, conflicts and war generally goes on in the oil rich countries. Therefore, whether overthrowing popular governments or supporting unpopular and cruel governments, oil rich countries are seen actively associated in conflicts in some way or other. However, President Trump could not bear the scenes of the effects of chemical weapons in Syria, and twice he reacted (first time singly, and second time with Britain and France), to limit the chemical weapons use. Income from selling arms is extremely high, and this surplus money is often reinvested through World Bank, IMF etc. epecially to the LDCs, in the so-called assistance programs, starting with low interest rates, but tied to conditions in terms of listening to dictations, accepting low grade equipments and consultants etc., which makes the effective payment rate exorbitantly high. Before UN takes any WHO or UNICEF progams for LDCs, it should ensure their ability to buy proper food, shelter and clothing besides other essential things and also have a healthy environment. Nobel laureate economists never give a solution to ‘equal pay for equal equivalent works’ for the LDC people. Their theories are rather smart and make the rich richer (some corrupt rich people however invest a little portion of their wealth for welfare activities in presence of media) and create all kinds of disparity. Therefore, Nobel Foundation is happy with these theories, as also the award recipients and the Western World, but the disparity remains. As a result, the people of LDCs remain without the basic nececities of life, either for themselves or for their kids and become guinea pigs to the western medicine companies for testing of their drugs and antibiotics.Besides, the world environment is being heavily polluted by the excessive use of fossil fuel in transports, toxic fumes, industrial wastes and high carbon emission of the WC-CIII, in addition to man made catastrophes, as a result of conflicts and war, as already mentioned, making the environment of our planet more unhealthy every day. The world is becoming warmer, while unusual climate change is threatening our future. People of Hiroshima or Nagashaki do not want war any more. Although, nobody is denying the fact that they were once partners with ambitious Germans to capture the whole world, with their better technologies. But many things have changed since then, a lot of countries have evolved with even better technologies, the mentality of the then aggressors have also changed. The people of Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lybia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia do not want war and conflicts. The WC-CII people do not want war. Even the common people of WC-CIII do not want war. Thus about 95% people of this planet do not want war and conflicts.But even then, war and conflicts are going on. If the arms producing and selling coutries can meet and decide not to produce or sell arms any more, our planet would be a better place to live in. Sovereign nations would decide their future themselves.One of my postulates states that “pressure and not necessarily force is the driving agent for all kinds of motion and activities. Pressure includes intangible pressures too.”. Therfore in order to achieve ‘no arms producing or selling” accord, all the related positive intangible pressures must win over all the negative ones. President Trump, immediately after his meeting with the North Korean leader Kim, uttered “no more wars” in the press conference that took place immediately after the meeting. During the last Presidential Election in America, I formed an opinion about the candidate Trump as ‘ bold, straight forward, less hypocritical, more human and caring’ etc., and I was perhaps the lone person in Bangladesh to predict his victory, although all kinds of gallup polls were against him, and I had said it to my friends and close ones, who happen to know me as quite a serious person, thus they could neither discard, nor accept fully my prediction. Although a common person, I was trying to assess the correctness of the opinion I formed about candidate Trump, while observing President Trump’s decisions carefully, and felt no need to change my opinion, until I was shocked by his quite unnecessary, uncalled for, hasty , unethical, unwise and perhaps unintelligent decision to work for shifting the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. I would humbly expect him to revert / rectfy this decision as early as possible, hopefully before the mid term elections in America. As an ordinary public, I feel, If he rectifies the unwise decision, both he and US will gain more and lose less. I say this since I do not have the heart to change the opinion I once formed about him, and wish him success, for possibly a 8-year tenure (for which he needs support), and have the American people praising his works when he ultimately leaves the White House as a common man. The decision is incidentally against his own slogan “ make Amarica great again” too, since making great does not mean only to make America great militarily and economically, but also to be great by caring and respecting others’ deep sentiments, beliefs and rights. Kindness shown by the powerful makes one truly great. As for other things, what President Trump is doing as a patriotic American President, I think is fine e.g. America first, restricting illegal immigrants (at least for America’s safety), trying to build a wall to restrict illegal entrance, diffusing tensions with North Korea and trying to reduce its nuclear capability intelligently, to restrict the long time continual Chinese economic invasion of US ( so much so that , as it is heard, the Chinese started buying Amerian properties and industries with cash money) through tariff war etc. Although a scientist, I worked for a couple of months as an advisor to Bangladesh Tariff Commision. During my brief stay, the second man of Australian Tariff Commission, came to Dhaka on an assignment and we used to share the same office room and had the opportunity to exchange our views. Thus, I have some knowledge about tariff matters, and I feel, if US takes dynamic steps on tariff, it is expected to win the the tariff war. As it is, President Trump’s journey may not be very easy. CNN (along with some print media), keeps on a 24-hour negative image against him, which as a neutral person, I could not find much sense in. Some persons talk regularly of President Trump’s sex scandal allegations, all of them in chorus, claiming /pretending to be chaste themselves individually and family wise, which is rather a matter of amusement in a very permissive society like USA. The allegations of non-submission of tax returns by canditate Trump, the 2016 presidential election with the alleged Russian involvement for working in favour of candidate Trump, happened during and under Obama administration and mostly during Hillary as seretary of state. The question is why didn’t they do anything about these? They were in charge at that time and also why did they declare election results so fast and why did Hillary concede defeat immediately? Why was the declaration of results not delayed until they were satisfied as was done in case of Al Gore.The possible Russian involvement was being heard for quite some time even from much before the election, while Obama-Hillary were in power. The ability of North Korea to disturb US with nuclear missile heads, Russia (once part of USSR) again becoming powerful, Chinese economic invasion of US, increase of illegal immigrants (as is heard through the media) etc. happened during Obama-Hillary and not during Kennedy, Reagan or even Bush(es)’s time. Therefore, for purposes of objective journalism, the CNN should rather devote themselves to finding out the reasons of leniency / weaknesses of Obama-Hillary administration and possible national or international interests behind such leniency, including the AFP report alleging the possible linkage of donation to Clinton Foundation and access to the Secretary of State. CNN may also look into the reason behind unfettered support of Hillary Clinton to an NGO offering general loans to unfortunate hard working women folk at an exhorbitantly high interest rate (minimum of 43.63%). On the other hand, as a neutral person, I however do not understand why the gallup-polls show Obama’s high approval rating inspite of what has just been stated. It is possible that the sample taken for the opinion survey may not be the true representation of whole of USA, or that individual Americans are so busy with their own life that they do not know or care to know all these. Besides, possibility of International interests acting from behind may also be there. As the USA is a superpower, militarily, economically and technologically, instead of trying to wring out confessions from Russia or China, US should try to protect themselves unitedly for common causes, so that such problems do not happen again. Returning back to my invention and looking for an opportunity for UN to start to try to really work for World Peace and betterment of mankind in the back drop of the gloomy but deep rooted real situation, as stated above, let me state some more facts before that discussion starts. Actually, I was desperately searching for your and UNESCO’s email addresses to send my top high level scientific message, in the hope of a better world. But I could only find where I sent my message before I sent you the same through post. UNESCO is yet to give me a reply. It is quite likely that they could not yet evaluate such a high level message. Understanably, the question of your Public Inquiries Team to decipher the message does not arise, but I fail to see why they concealed their address (intentionaly or unintentionally) at the top of their reply letter by attaching it with glue with the envelope top and I had a difficult time in opening the rest of the letter. My address on the envelope of their reply letter was hand written in capital letters, but with occassional small letters in between Since my message contained the reasonings of boldly rejecting the more than 300 years’ belief in Newton’s laws, as also the findings of manipulation of time dilation concept by Einstein and Lorentz, it is not unlikely that the possible reluctant and negligent reply came from the hands of a portion of racial people. Nevertheless, I am afraid, you may need to send my top level scientific message to the esteemed universities of the world for a proper evaluation. My write-up styled as “100-Dollar Laptop ………….”, first published on 19 May 06. went viral world-wide. It was published in almost all the leading local English dailies, in addition to 6090 international websites including ‘Wikipedia’ and ‘Guardian Unlimited’. Some people brought out CDs on it, although without my permission. A conscious-stricken native American scribed the invention (1975) in Wikipedia too. But Wikipedia has recently wiped out everything regarding my invention and only kept the fake British inventor’s name. British PM wrote a letter to me on 06.06.06, but there was no follow-up of the content of his letter, in spite of reminders through media. The multimillion pound business by 100-Dollar authority, on the shoulder of poor countries, in disguise of so called assistance programs, in the form of OLPC appears to have been abandoned. There were few suggestions to UN in the end of the write-up. In respect to the suggestion no.2, e.g. (a)To make “intellectual property” as “intellectual property” in reality and not “rich people’s property” effectively, and to make arrangements so that an individual scientist of the Third World can get a patent for the whole world with a maximum expenditure of USD 100. He should be allowed to plead his case himself and perform all the necessary formalities from his own country through correspondence with his own equivalent currency (b) To fully assist in fighting the “hijacking of inventions” cases, including my one in the International Court of Justice ; somebody remarked it as the greatest invention in itself. Some other person however warned “ Don’t expect anything from corrupt UN”. But as a real well-wisher of UN I never give up. I keep on wishing the UN will start to try to really work for World Peace and betterment of mankind someday. I think, with all the limitations of UN, the most innocent ‘Inventions for peace and betterment of mankind’ matter is the best window for the UN to start with. Referring again to my above mentioned write-up and moving on with serial 2(b), as just mentioned above, and as a poor inventor with successful inventions and with all efforts and deep desire for a better world, I cannot fight alone in any court including ICJ; so I would once again request UN to take steps to : (i) Remove the fake inventor’s name and fake description from Wikipedia in coonection with the ‘free-play technology’ and replace it by the real inventor. (ii) Give the Product Design award given by BBC to the real inventor instead of the fake inventor. (iii) To arrange compensations from Baygen and 100-Dollar MIT authorities for hijacking my ‘free-play technology’. (iv) Revoke any patent given by the UK patent office on ‘Free-play technology’ (around 1996). Since the invention was in the display at the Bangladesh Science Museum since 1978, and a demonstration of the working model was given in a packed press conferene on 23July1975. (v) Arrange compensation from the USPTO, since they are legally liable to give the compensation for taking eight months against an allowable three months only, against my invention ‘Free Electricity 2002’ . One cannot but conclude it as an act of racialism or a plan to hickjack my invention ‘ Free Electricity 2002’ too, when one gives a closer look at the attitudes of esteemed universities of the world and their journals. The “Innovation” magazine of Singapore National University opined it to be a “too high level research work”, the aforesaid MIT (USA) refused to give any comment on it. People started saying that the MIT was busy in building a mobile laptop using Bangladeshi technology and therefore it refused to talk at that time. Energy Technology Innovation Project of Harvard University (another university of USA) must be finding it a high level technology too, and thus they did not hesitate to confess that they do not do any original research either of science or of technology. Most of the Universities of the Western world tried to escape with the lame reply “this is not our project, we do not want to be involved”, or did not reply at all A journal of the Physics faculty of a notable university of Canada was almost ready to publish the paper. But they asked me for my postal address on the plea of “addressing me properly”. As soon as they found out that I am from the Third World, they did not correspond with me any more. None of the universities could find any fault in my invention. No wonder the USPTO took eight months in place of the allowable three months to give their search report. Before my present and latest invention ‘Creation of Energy from the Creation’ was made public through a press conference (2018), I was cautioned by the email authority with the message “an attempt to sign in your account from an unrecognized device in US”. Much more examples may be given, some have already been stated in my write-up ‘ 100-Dollar laptop …….”, some are what happened when I sent my latest invention’s 2-page hand out to some places, but I do not want to lengthen my letter further. It is true that hundreds of unsuccessful inventions pour in regularly in patent offices both nationally and internationally on the subject of ‘free energy’, especially green energy, but my invention is the only invention which starts from the creation of universe and is based on the findings of a postmortem of some theories of Newton and Einstein along with 13 world shaking postulates of very basic physics as well. It is also true that the racial portion of the world will try to conceal the success of a developing country and even try to hijack it in the name of Dr. Fox / Dr. Wolf., but the conscious-stricken UN and the world would surely find a way to do justice to this extraordinary and unique invention which will necessitate changing a substantial part of physics books and thus a serious attention with a strong real conscious desire is expected, and efforts made towards giving a real initiative. One of the immediate steps may be the sending of my 2-page hand-out (said to form an extra ordinary prima facie case for primary evaluation right away) to the highly acclaimed universities for proper evaluation, and in so doing, bring justice and start the real work for the betterment of mankind. . Scientist Nazmul Huda Copy : 1. Mr. Donald James Trump, His Excellency the President of US 2. Honorable President, Nobel Foundation, with the additional note that if in slight matters like the crown of Miss Universe being stripped for wrong doing, why the Peace Prize given to Ms. Su KyI cannot be stripped for humanity being raped in Myanmar while she is in power or for any other award after finding just the opposite facts against the basis of facts believed to be true when the award was given.

  • Name: Nana Tiny
    Date: May. 2, 2021

    Five weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me. It all started when i went to summer camp i was trying to contact him but it was not going through. So when I came back from camp I saw him with a young lady kissing in his bed room, I was frustrated and it gave me a sleepless night. I thought he will come back to apologies but he didn't come for almost three week i was really hurt but i thank Dr.Azuka for all he did i met Dr.Azuka during my search at the internet i decided to contact him on his email he brought my boyfriend back to me just within 48 hours i am really happy. What’s app contact : +44 7520 636249‬