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Holiday Fruit Display

The holidays are certain to bring families, friends and fun together. When creating that elegant and eye-catching fruit display, keep NatureSeal® in mind. Nature-Seal keeps your fresh-cut fruits looking fresh while maintaining their natural color, and their savory taste. With many options for your fruit display, keep it in the holiday spirit with a friendly and fun Grinch display. 

All you need to start is a mini marshmallow, a slice of banana, a strawberry, and a green grape. NatureSeal for Processors can help keep these fruits looking fresh for 5-14 days! Prepare for the holiday surge in advance. Thanks to Nourishing Minimalism for this delicious holiday treat.

  •       Start by grabbing a toothpick
  •       Slide the mini marshmallow on, and rest it on the end of the toothpick
  •       Next, slide on the strawberry that has been topped of under the marshmallow
  •       Follow this by placing the banana slice beneath the strawberry
  •       Lastly, rest the green grape under the banana slice

This display is fun, festive, and sure to get your customers’ talking! Allow NatureSeal to help by being a part of your holiday business.