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Holiday Health Matters

How do you manage your eating and avoid the holiday weight gain? Below we will share some tips that will help you navigate the tricky waters of holiday party eating. Have fun, but don’t regret that fun come January!

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Real Simple has season-long game plans to keep you healthy, whether you’re holiday shopping or hiding from your in-laws in the kitchen. Ask yourself, is what you’re eating worth it? If it’s not, find something that is!

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Who better to tell you what to eat than an RD? Nothing is off limits, but portion control is key. Have dessert if you want it! Just don't spiral out of control because you had one so-called "bad" thing.


The CDC suggests that you keep your body moving this holiday season. Try getting your family to go for a walk, go ice skating – anything to keep moving around and burning those holiday calories!

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Never go to a party hungry! Have a snack before you leave home and you’ll be less tempted by other things that don’t contribute to your overall health.

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Another great tip is to offer to bring a healthy dish with you. Prep a fruit/veggie tray and graze from that, it will help keep the desire to eat all of the desserts away (in theory, anyway).

Let us help you with the fruit and vegetable prep – we can help get you from your kitchen to your host’s kitchen without worrying about any of it browning.

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