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Making Your Memorial Day Weekend Simple with NatureSeal®

Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on all the brave men and women who have sacrificed and dedicated themselves to military service for our well-being. Within this time of remembrance, many take the opportunity to spend some quality time with their family which often includes cookouts and restaurant dining.   

For restaurant owners and staff on a busy Memorial Day weekend, time is always of the essence when it comes to customer satisfaction. The foodservice industry works quickly with implementing innovation and increasing quality standards to keep up with the pace.  

With all the turbulence you can face on the job during the holiday, you can mitigate any mistakes by planning. When it comes to preparation, NatureSeal® provides an excellent resource for convenience.  

Providing consistent quality in your fresh-cut fruits and vegetables selection means building trust with your customer base with each visit. NatureSeal is a wholesome vitamin/mineral blend developed and patented with the USDA, maintaining color and texture in fresh-cut produce for an extended period. Not only does having longer lasting fresh-cut produce prevent waste, but your inventory is ready-to-use when you are!  

Extending the shelf-life of select fresh-cut fruits and vegetables for 7 to 14 days is just one of the benefits of using NatureSeal for your day-to-day objectives. Shelf-life extension technology means the solution provides preventing dehydration, excessive purge, and enzymatic browning. All the right properties to keep your produce from losing their delectability with dependable results!  

No matter how busy you are this weekend with friends, family, and co-workers, it is important to keep the selfless dedication of our soldiers at forefront of your holiday. Set aside some time to be thankful for their efforts and give appreciation to their service.   

What ways do you show your thanks and support to our service men and women during Memorial Day? Leave your comments below