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National Nutrition Month: 3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Eating Strategy

How are you pursuing a healthy lifestyle during National Nutrition Month? Here are 3 tips that you can follow for healthy eating motivation this month and all throughout the year!

Ingredient swap

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Choose ingredients that will lower calories, sugar, carbohydrates, salt and fat content. You can create healthier recipes that taste amazing just by making a simple ingredient swap. Visit our Pinterest page for recipes that will get you excited about healthy eating with modified ingredients.

Prep Healthy Snacks Ahead of Time

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Get yourself set up for healthy eating. Prepare healthy snacks in advance to have convenient healthy choices. Availability of healthy foods gives you less chance of reaching for unhealthy snacks when hunger hits.

You can now protect fresh cut fruits and vegetables from browning, so that you can prep your healthy snacks for the whole week. NatureSeal for Home Use extends the shelf life of fresh cut produce for a variety of fruits and vegetables, including avocados.

Use a Grocery List

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Knowing what you need at the grocery store is half the battle. Keep a list of healthy ingredients that you can access easily. Add your grocery list to the note section of your phone or choose any of the free apps for grocery lists available. Begin in the produce aisles and work your way through the store. Seeing all of your healthy choices in the grocery basket will be a motivator to avoid other foods that may not be as healthy.

Keep it up! Do you have tips and tricks that help you to eat healthy? Please share in the comment section below.