NatureSeal at Home FAQ

What is NatureSeal® Fresh-Cut Solutions?

NatureSeal is a blend of vitamins and minerals that extend the shelf life of fresh-cut produce for up to 14 days. By inhibiting respiration and the oxidation process, shelf life of fresh-cut produce is extended.

Which aspects of shelf life extension does NatureSeal protect?

NatureSeal maintains the natural texture and color of fresh-cut produce for up to 14 days, without altering the flavor.

What produce items can be treated with NatureSeal?

NatureSeal Fresh-Cut Solutions protects, apples, pears, stone fruit, carrots, celery.

Will fruit and vegetables treated with NatureSeal Fresh Cut Solutions last forever?

No. Fruit treated with NatureSeal Fresh Cut Solutions will retain a pleasing appearance for a very long time but will not last indefinitely. To avoid the harmful effects of microbial growth, treated fruits and vegetables must be stored in the refrigerator and should be discarded after 14 days.

How are NatureSeal products applied?

1. Wash whole produce in cold water and set aside. 2. Dissolve NatureSeal in 8 oz. of cold water. 3. Cut produce (for fruit completely remove core). 4. Immediately immerse produce in NatureSeal solution after cutting, stirring gently to ensure all sliced surfaces are covered. 5. Cut produce must remain in the solution for 1 to 5 minutes. 6. Remove cut produce from the solution, drain well and refrigerate in a covered container or sealed bag.

Does NatureSeal affect the taste of fresh-cut produce?

No, NatureSeal does not impart any aftertaste. We have received gold medals from The American Masters of Taste acknowledging that we offer a great product that solves the oxidation issues with sliced produce, while maintaining the flavor profile.

How is NatureSeal packaged and what is the shelf life?

NatureSeal is available in a dry, powered form. It is offered in a box of 5 packets NatureSeal Fresh-Cut has a 1 year shelf life.

Which factors can affect the results of using NatureSeal?