Organic Line

NatureSeal® has developed organic certified formulations to extend the shelf life of organic produce. This ever-expanding OMRI-certified line currently treats a variety of organic produce with a simple blend of vitamins and minerals. With up to 21 days of extended shelf life, processors can treat organic produce at their facility, drastically reducing food waste. As with all other formulations, the organic produce maintain their natural color and texture and there is absolutely no alteration in the natural flavor of the organic fruits and vegetables.

NatureSeal Organic Certified Formulations treat the following organic produce:

Apples                               Green Peanuts

Beets                                 Melons

Brussel Sprouts             Parsnips

Butternuts Squash       Pineapple

Cabbage                           Plantains

Carrots                              Potatoes

Celery                                Pumpkin

Coconut                            Radishes

Corn on the Cob            Turnips

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